Important Dates

Important Dates for Property Owners *

January 1, 2018
  Property is assessed as to condition and ownership as of this date
April 1, 2018
  Deadline for filing self-reporting forms for business personal property
August 10, 2018
  Notices of increase in Assessed Value of 15% or more mailed
August 20, 2018
  Date assessment books are open for review for the 2018 tax roll
September 4, 2017
  Date assessment book review is closed for the 2018 tax roll
September 20, 2018
  Deadline to appeal to the Board of Review
September 27, 2018
  Board of Review hearing
October 15, 2018
  Deadline to appeal to the Louisiana Tax Commission
November 15, 2018
  Tax roll filed with the Louisiana Tax Commission by this date
December 31, 2018
  Property taxes are due and payable by this date and become delinquent thereafter
  Above dates are set by the Louisiana Tax Commission.

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